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>I lost. Again. The 19th game in a row. I lose every time I play with my husband David. We’ve been together for almost 29 years. He’s good. Very good. But what makes it worse is his uncontrollable laughter at … Continue reading

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>Words and Gardening

> Looking graphically at words in history presents a new perspective on words. Above are four speeches shown as “Wordles.” The larger words are the most used words in these speeches. These speeches are represented: Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, … Continue reading

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>Thank you, Barack Obama !

> (Image from HBO Thank you, Barack Obama, for leading us back to our idealism!

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> Six days before my 64th birthdayI see pictures of my brain.It’s hard to relate to these intestine-like grooved tubes,stuffed sausages crammed into a small space. How can thoughts move through these cramped recesses?How can they find their way through … Continue reading

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>Listen to the still…

>Listen to the still… Notice I didn’t say, Listen to the stillness.No. Stillness is full of absence of soundand all it can touch. Stillness is a void. Still is not like its dead cousin.It is fully alive. Stillness is a … Continue reading

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>Seeds for Thought

> If a seed of lettuce will not grow,we do not blame the lettuce.Instead, the fault lies with usfor not having nourishedthe seed properly. (Buddhist proverb)

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