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> © Bonnie Schupp, Photographer Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland U.S. Government  Poisons Citizens It was in the mid-1920’s during Prohibition. The government was frustrated because people were breaking the law and, in fact, drinking more than ever. Prohibition wasn’t working. … Continue reading

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>Reflection on Imperfection

> (c) Bonnie J. Schupp Refection on Imperfection                 a spoken word poem ‘Tis the season for unreason when green spills from wallets of those believing in traditional pleasing. ‘Tis the season when people pine for a fine Christmas tree— … Continue reading

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>Size Matters

> Bill Gates from Wikipedia Size matters— but Bill Gates seems to think it doesn’t. I’m talking about education and class size. Recent reports show U.S. students to be average compared to world education rankings. According to Yahoo News, Bill … Continue reading

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>Right Brain/Left Brain

> When Artists and Engineers Join Hands “That was fun! It gave me a chance to play in the sandbox with others.” Gary Mauler was speaking metaphorically about his experience mentoring MICA and Hopkins students in a unique class,  Collaborative … Continue reading

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>Thinking on the Edge About Privacy

> Danny Hillis (photo from Wikipedia) Just thinking… Want some thought-provoking reading? Try Edge ( You’ll find lots of questions and many different takes on possible answers. The latest group of essays deal with the issue of privacy, a current … Continue reading

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>Margaret Chase Smith – A Woman of Firsts

> Margaret Chase Smith photo from Wikipedia Today is the birth date of Margaret Chase Smith December 14, 1897 – May 29, 1995 So little recognized for these things, Margaret Chase Smith was a woman of firsts: * first woman … Continue reading

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>A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Mother Elizabeth Edwards

>You can feel the love expressed so eloquently… Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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>Letter From the Anne Arundel County Muslim Council

> Select: All, Read, None ShowAllUnread (Pause for thought: I’ve bought my last two computers from Rudy who owns a computer store near me, Odyssey Computers. I’ve had excellent service from him and am always treated as a friend. He … Continue reading

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>Down With George Fox, Up With Walter Mills

> Walter Mills, Courtesy Photo appearing in Afro “The worst white teacher is better than the best black teacher.” This outrageous statement was made by George Fox, former Anne Arundel County Public Schools superintendent.  He spoke during a trial … Continue reading

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