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Camera Lens Incites Paranoia

The lens incites paranoia. In the past 40 years or so, I have experienced other people’s paranoia because I shoot lots of photos–innocent and not intrusive or pornographic, mind you.This paranoia seems to be growing with the ubiquity of cameras … Continue reading

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Teaching in the 60’s and 70’s

What do You Want to be When You Grow Up? “I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up—a brain surgeon,” I announced when I was around age 10 or 11. I always read my grandmother’s (Mom-Mom’s) Readers Digest … Continue reading

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Love in Baltimore

Catch the love at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Thursday, August 23, 2012. Bonnie Schupp has been recognized for her work by Kodak, Women in Photography International, the Kinsey Institute, among others. She has shown one-woman exhibits in the Baltimore-Washington … Continue reading

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Inside Out Baltimore

Inside Out portraits located on Fleet St. in Harbor East, Baltimore, Maryland Photo by Kristin Stith Public Unveiling and Celebration, June 7, 2012, 6 p.m. I am blessed to be part of a global project in Baltimore that aims to … Continue reading

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David Simon on David Ettlin at the Baltimore Sun

David Ettlin at The Sun in the 80’s. Photo © Bonnie J. Schupp   I took this photo in the 80’s of my husband, David Ettlin, at work at The Sun. Well…”at work” is used loosely here. As I remember, … Continue reading

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Ernest Shaw at New Beginnings Barber Shop

This past Saturday night, I went to another excellent art opening at New Beginnings Barber Shop. Troy Staton is a barber who loves art and is currently showing,”I Am An African,” the work of Ernest Shaw, a native Baltimore artist. … Continue reading

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>Photographer: Evolution From Technician to Artist

> Showing through May 15, 2011 at the Baltimore Museum of Art  (Photo by Bonnie J. Schupp) Baltimore used to have an annual art show around either Montebello Lake or Druid Hill Lake. My memory is a little fuzzy but … Continue reading

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>Loring Cornish – Visionary Artist

> Loring Cornish’s mosaic glass house on Parkwood Avenue in Baltimore.Photo © by Bonnie Schupp Artist Loring Cornish standing on glass floor in a room inside his house. Photo © by Bonnie Schupp. When you see Loring Cornish’s art, you … Continue reading

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>American Visionary Art Museum’s Educational Goals

> Funny thing…no mention of standardized testing or standardized learning. Expand the definition of a worthwhile life. Engender respect for and delight in the gifts of others. Increase awareness of the wide variety of choices available in life for all … Continue reading

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>Baltimore, Thugs But No Bugs

> I guess you can’t have it all! As a child, after bedtime prayers, my parents used to tuck me in with, “Good night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” My mother was meticulous in cleanliness and I never felt threatened … Continue reading

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