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Time, Numbers, Lists and Questions

A few days ago, on August 28, 2013, I calculated that I have lived for 25,098 days. This number, 25,098, sparks some questions. What if I were to live as long as my mother did and no longer? My mother … Continue reading

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>Thinking on the Edge About Privacy

> Danny Hillis (photo from Wikipedia) Just thinking… Want some thought-provoking reading? Try Edge ( You’ll find lots of questions and many different takes on possible answers. The latest group of essays deal with the issue of privacy, a current … Continue reading

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>Friday and Heaven’s Pearly Gates

> Heaven ©Bonnie J. Schupp Today? How can it be Friday already? I blinked and another week passed! I’m in the third quarter of my life, or the fourth quarter, depending on how long I might live. Days no longer … Continue reading

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