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>Wedding Anyone?

> I can now perform weddings in the state of Maryland. Contact me: schupp9 (at) comcast (dot) net.

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>Color of Change

> Color of Change is making an impact on the hate mongering of Glenn Beck. Large companies are now thinking twice about the negative advertising that results when their names are connected with someone who seeks to destroy. Beck may … Continue reading

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>World’s Ugliest Pie

>I don’t cook. Let me repeat that…I don’t cook. That being said, last night I made pie crust from scratch. This is a picture of the pie before it went into the oven. David made the filling and I tackled … Continue reading

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>No Water Allowed

>Once upon a time, there was a retired couple. He had been an editor and retired from The Sun after 40 years. She had been a middle school teacher who earned a doctorate after retiring from teaching 7th graders. This … Continue reading

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>Little Ms. Personality

>I haven’t met Stella yet but feel that I already know her because her Daddy and Mommy have been busy recording her life. When David and I go to Germany we’ll get to meet her in person. Oh…and we’ll also … Continue reading

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