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>Modern Flight Travel – Reason Has Flown

> I’ve been traveling by plane for the past forty years and quite a bit of that travel has been since the rise of terrorism. I remember years ago driving to Friendship Airport (now BWI) merely to go out on … Continue reading

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>Lankow, the Town that Once Was

> Today we experienced some history from the Cold War… Maja, Stella, Jeremy, David and me at Lankow. Jeremy and Maja took us to see Maja’s family’s old homestead, Lankow, a town that was bulldozed flat because it was too … Continue reading

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>Exploring Lubeck

>Yesterday we walked…okay, I hobbled…around Lubeck, known for its steeples and small streets good for exploring. The sun was in and out as it is every day, with some rain. Here are some pictures from Lubeck:

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>What Did We Do in Germany Today?

>We have been staying with Jeremy, Maja, daughter Stella and dog Holly in Ludersdorf which was once part of East Germany. Jeremy and I met in class at the University of Baltimore while he was working on his masters and … Continue reading

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>Fences and Walls – Staying in Former East Germany

> My blog posts must be short for a while because of extremely slow connection speeds. I feel like I’ve stepped back in history. It seems appropriate, however, that I should feel things slow down. First we are staying with … Continue reading

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>Koelbl and Blue Man

>Interesting day today. First we saw a photography exhibit by Herlinde Koelbl. She had a huge exhibit that must have taken a lifetime. Photos were grouped by categorz. For example, there was one section with just portraits of children, another … Continue reading

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