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The Weight of Recycling in Anne Arundel County

[Good news! My recycling was collected today, May 23, and the truck had a semi-automatic lift to assist. I am so glad to see this. This changes much of what I have said below.] Our Anne Arundel County (Maryland) government … Continue reading

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Itching in Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Help! Blood sucking vampires are breeding next door to me and my heroes, the bat kids, turn out to be wimps. Exhibit #1: A bat house. This is the protagonist…or so I thought until I discovered that only about 1% … Continue reading

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>Praying for Rain

> These days I pray for rain. Not because of drought but because of sound. It’s true that I love the light swishing rhythms of rain drumming on the roof but my desire for rain is driven by noise…the flip … Continue reading

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>Letter From the Anne Arundel County Muslim Council

> Select: All, Read, None ShowAllUnread (Pause for thought: I’ve bought my last two computers from Rudy who owns a computer store near me, Odyssey Computers. I’ve had excellent service from him and am always treated as a friend. He … Continue reading

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>Down With George Fox, Up With Walter Mills

> Walter Mills, Courtesy Photo appearing in Afro “The worst white teacher is better than the best black teacher.” This outrageous statement was made by George Fox, former Anne Arundel County Public Schools superintendent.  He spoke during a trial … Continue reading

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