David Simon on David Ettlin at the Baltimore Sun

David Ettlin at The Sun in the 80’s.

Photo © Bonnie J. Schupp


I took this photo in the 80’s of my husband, David Ettlin, at work at The Sun. Well…”at work” is used loosely here. As I remember, he was reading the City Paper in this shot. This was taken in his smoking days, before our daughters asked him to stop because “Daddy, we don’t want you to die.” He has since stopped except for 2 or 3 a year that he bums from others. Other than that, he’s been good.

As it turns out, this photo fits perfectly with David Simon’s recent article about my husband’s days at The Sun in the Sunday Sun Magazine special 175th anniversary issue. I smiled as I read it. It shows what a character my David is but it also shows that he was good at his job (which I always knew). Obviously David Simon thinks so and his praise carries a lot of weight. Simon’s projects have included Homicide, The Corner, The Wire and, most recently, Treme. It is also obvious that David Simon is overflowing with talent.

I’ve always been proud of my David (and the other David too) and it’s nice to see this recognition that he deserves.

You can read Simon’s piece here:

You can also read Ettlin’s blog here:  http://ettlin.blogspot.com/

I love you, David!

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1 Response to David Simon on David Ettlin at the Baltimore Sun

  1. Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

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