Ernest Shaw at New Beginnings Barber Shop

This past Saturday night, I went to another excellent art opening at New Beginnings Barber Shop. Troy Staton is a barber who loves art and is currently showing,”I Am An African,” the work of Ernest Shaw, a native Baltimore artist.

New Beginnings is located in southwest Baltimore and some of Troy’s customers have not visited art galleries. Troy plays a role in bridging this gap. “I bring art to the community and the community to art.”

Artist Ernest Shaw, Jr., too is very aware of the role community plays, especially in the African American community. “The role of the artist is defined by the community…I’m a vessel.”

You can read more about Ernest Shaw in his Baker Artist Awards profile:    

You can see Shaw’s work at New Beginnings,  1047 Hollins St., Baltimore.

More about Troy, New Beginnings and art in Baltimore:

Video walk-through at Saturday night reception.




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