>Who’s Gonna Be My Valentine?


A Valentine gift for you. Share with those you love.

© Song and lyrics by Georgie Jessup. Video by Bonnie Schupp with contributions from:
Eileen Browning, Lee Rowley, iStockphoto, Dorrett Oosterhoff, Marilyn Johnston, Valerie Aldridge, Farzad Khosrownia

Learn more about Georgie Jessup.

Who’s gonna be my Valentine? Who’s gonna watch my beauty shine?
I’ll shine right through your walls of steel.
I’ll shine until I make you feel a little more than a moment in time.
Who’s gonna be my Valentine?

Who’s gonna get me through this night?
Who’s gonna kiss and hold me tight?
Young lovers are watching the same moon as I.
As stars will fall my wishes rise!

Someone is smiling as I sing this song.
Are they wishing and hoping and singing along?
Are they walking a tightrope up on a high wire?
Are they looking like me and stoking the fire?

[repeat chorus]

Is there anybody out there? Pick up the phone.
Call on my neighbor. Tell them I’m home.
Tell them I love them and I wish them kind.
I’m searching the cosmos for my Valentine!

About Bonnie Schupp

Photographer and Renaissance woman.
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