>Baltimore, Thugs But No Bugs


I guess you can’t have it all!

As a child, after bedtime prayers, my parents used to tuck me in with, “Good night. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” My mother was meticulous in cleanliness and I never felt threatened because she said bedbugs lived only in dirty beds.

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Recently we been learning that bedbugs don’t care whether or not a bed is clean or dirty, just as long as they have humans to feast on. Although not as meticulous as my mother, even though I sleep in a clean bed, I may not be safe from these pests.

This is especially true because often during the year I do not sleep in my bed. My husband, David, and I travel. We sleep in motels, which are not immune, B&B’s and Servas and Couch Surfing homes.

Nobody is safe as these little critters begin to build their armies to feast on us at our most vulnerable moments when we are sleeping. However, if you come to Baltimore or any place in Maryland, it’s not among the top 15 places crawling with bedbugs.

According to the Baltimore Sun, these are the top ten cities for bedbugs and Baltimore is not on the list:

1. New York City, NY
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Detroit, MI
4. Cincinnati, OH
5. Chicago, IL
6. Denver, CO
7. Columbus, OH
8. Dayton, OH
9. Washington, DC
10. Lose Angeles, CA
11. Boston, MA
12. Indianapolis, IN
13. Louisville, KY
14. Cleveland, OH

This is a bright spot among Baltimore statistics, but all news is not good. According to an August article in the Baltimore Business Journal,  the FBI reported that Baltimore’s murder rate is the 5th highest in the country.
I think I’d rather have bedbugs biting me than thugs bugging me.
However…a comment on fear…I wouldn’t not visit one of the top bedbug cities and I love Baltimore and go there several times a week.

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