>Evolution of Art


My friend, Petronio, just completed a collaboration that shows how art is evolving. A blending of art, performing art and technology adds yet another layer to possibilities!

Petrônio Bendito, Visual Design, Digital Graffiti, SoftwareDidier Guigue, Music
Solange Caldeira, Choreographer, Experiment Advisor

This work is an improvisational dance experiment with the software Kinetic Traces conducted at the Federal University of Viçosa (Summer 2010), Curso de Dança.

Dancers: Karinne Goulart, Rafaela Oliveira, Jessila Gomes, Jônatas Raine, Clara de Oliveira, Pedro Ferreira, Solange Caldeira, Marcella Alves, Daniele Duran, Cynthia Colombo, Andréa Bergallo, Alex Neural, Brenda Vilatoro, Maristela Lima.

About Bonnie Schupp

Photographer and Renaissance woman.
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