>Baltimore Arts and Entertainment

>Thanksgiving, literature and music. What a busy week! There is always a smorgasbord of arts and entertainment events in the Baltimore region. Catch a glimpse of what we chose to experience…it was all excellent. (Sorry…the sound on my snapshooter doesn’t do justice to the music.)

Wednesday night in Baltimore I read some poetry but the main event was Rafael Alvarez reading from his new book, The Wire: Truth Be Told:

Before the Alvarez reading, we attended a special event at the gallery of mural artist, Michael Owen in Baltimore.

Friday night was jazz with Kevin Robinson at Bobby’s Jazz Club in Baltimore.

Saturday night was a house concert at Georgie Jessup’s house. Among other numbers, Georgie sang Paradise.

About Bonnie Schupp

Photographer and Renaissance woman.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Bonnie – I have seen Teporah play this song at The Hon Bar in Hampden! She has an absolutely beautiful voice!TK

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