>Sans Souci and Reichstag

>It was a busy day today, starting with a drive to Potsdam where we stood on the bridge that separated the east from the west and where canoers were shot by patrols on the east side if they drifted too far from the invisible dividing line in the water. After that we walked to a castle in Potsdam, Sans Souci built by Friedrich who ordered it fashioned after Versailles.

We ended up at the Reichstag where after a short wait in line and after going through security, we took an elevator to the modern dome on top. It was a photographer’s paradise with panoramas, architecture and silhouettes. I uploaded one of my many pictures to give you an idea of the space we walked in.

After returning, we celebrated the marriage of Beate and Ellen who married soon after Germany passed a law permitting same sex marriage at the beginning of this year. Germany has come a long way and seems to have passed the U.S. which still cannot get past this debate.

About Bonnie Schupp

Photographer and Renaissance woman.
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